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Church Dinner Party Weekend

It's a new year. Let's spend some time together.

Father and Son Playing
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For Guests


Thank-you for coming along! The Dinner Party team will confirm guests in the coming weeks. 

The Dinner Party team will then match guests with hosts to ensure a good spread of people across the different parties.


The Dinner Party team will then provide hosts with a list of guests about one week before the Dinner Party. They will then contact their guests (you!) to let you know where and when you are coming for lunch or dinner!

Hosts are welcome to work with guests to have them bring food to share. So, your host may ask you about bringing something along for the meal, plus any other details. Maybe a dinner theme?

Dinner Party team

Jayne Tacon is heading up the Dinner Party team. Please feel free to contact Jayne ( about the Dinner Party Weekend.


Still want to Host?

The Dinner Party Team is still happy to open up extra lunches and dinners if required. If you would like to host a dinner or lunch, but missed the initial Call-Out for Hosts, then please sign-up as a back-up host.

You can do this by filling out the initial Call-Out for Hosts form at


17-05-29 Moorooka-logo-colour-white full_edited.jpg
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